Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Very Somber Mood

Canes lost 3-2 to the Lightning last night, thereby knocking them out of the playoffs.

The game was... well, they were leading 2-1 going in the third, and then let the Lightning score two unanswered goals to take the lead in the third. (Hey... isn't this like deja vu?)

I watched the game, but managed to miss both of the Canes goals... the first one because FSN's feed suddenly decided to die about two seconds beforen the puck went in, and the second one because I was trying to rid the house of spiders.

The Canes played pretty well for the first half, and then they just imploded. It's pretty much what this whole season amounts to - not playing a full 60 minutes of hockey at 100%.

The worst part about them missing the playoffs is that the Canes let it slip away. If they had won games like the Toronto and Philadelphia games, they would be in right now. But, no, they had to go into a nuclear meltdown to end the year, and look where we are.

They have no one to blame but themselves.

Erik Cole stats: 2 assists
On the season: 28 goals, 32 assists

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