Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Canes lose pathetically; play again tonight

Canes lost to Toronto 6-1 last night.

I only watched the first period, in which Eric Staal scored the only goal of the night. After that, the team was sloppy and had tons of turnovers. Something tells me that I didn't miss much...

With this pathetic loss, the Canes are now in a three way tie for ninth. Yes, with 6 games left, the Canes are not in the top 8th of the Eastern Conference, and this particular Caniac is feeling a little nervous...

So, the Canes try to rebound tonight against the Flyers. The bad news is, that, even if they win, they'll still be in 9th, as they'll lose the tiebreakers with the teams two points ahead of them.

They definitely need the 2 points tonight.

*EDIT 1:50PM* A big thanks to CasonBlog for profiling me! I am now known as the President of the "American Erik Cole Glow Association of America"!!!!
Convieniently, I'm wearing my Erik Cole shirt today! Total awesomeness!

Erik Cole stats: 1 assist
On the season: 27 goals, 30 assists

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