Thursday, April 05, 2007

The mood is... improved?

So... the Canes are out of the playoffs. The mood here at The Life and Times of a Caniac has lifted somewhat - still disappointed that the Canes didn't make the playoffs, but any day with hockey is better than one without. So, if all I have to watch is Otawa v. Pittsburgh or some other inane game that I normally wouldn't care about, it's better than having no inane game that I normally wouldn't care about to watch.

Lucky for me, the Canes still have back-to-back home games this weekend, so I can get my last fill of my favorite team before... September.

Yep, this weekend, the Canes have anounced Fan Appreciation Weekend. (i.e. Free Stufs Weekend!) I'll tell you, they better be appreciatin' us after we put our playoff hopes in them, and they just ripped our hearts into tiny little pieces, and then proceeded to stab each and every piece, and then they dumped the pieces out on I-40 and let all the cars and trucks run over them, and then they swept them up in the street cleaners and put them all in a bin and lit them on fire, and then put the ashes into a trash compactor, mashing up our playoff hopes until they were just dust in the wind.

*takes deep breath*

Maybe I'm not in that much of an improved mood...

Anyways, games against Atlanta and Florida to end the year.

Spring Break for me!

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