Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Musings after two

Well, I will say that this has been an interesting Stanley Cup Finals series so far. Chicago's up 2-0 at this point, and Philadelphia is going to have to work at it to get back in it, I think.

First off, Game 1 was so absolutely amazing. If you missed it, I feel really sorry for you because that was some exciting hockey. I mean, assuming, of course, that you like offense. If you like goaltender-based or defensive hockey (hello readers from New Jersey!), you must have absolutely hated this game.

5 goals after the first period, 11 overall - man, it was like every time you blinked someone else was scoring a goal. And the weirdest part was that neither of the teams' top lines contributed to the scoring!

Game 2 was low-key, comparatively, the teams only scoring 3 goals during the game. Toews and Kane still didn't contribute to the scoring.

After two games, I think, obviously, that the Blackhawks are in a very strong position to win it. And, yes, I am a fickle fan with this series. I was somewhat on the Flyers side when the series began, probably because I think it's hilarious that Marian Hossa can't win a Cup, and that I always liked Peter Laviolette. But then, after watching these games I remembered how much I hate Chris Pronger and how much of a punk Dan Carcillo is. So I think I'm not going to be too upset if the Blackhawks win.

But even still, I can't give the Blackhawks a certain victory. Philadelphia has obviously come back in these playoffs before, and tonight they come back to their home building. Antti Niemi is playing well, but as we saw in Game 1, he can obviously let in goals. However, on the flip side, can the Flyers continue to shut down the Blackhawk's big name players?

Unfortunately tonight is my last sure bet at seeing the games on TV... my family vacations to the backwoods of PA never have any respect for the hockey blogging schedule. Don't expect a post until days after Game 5... so I suppose I'm no longer cheering for a team, but at least a six game series. Although, more hockey before the offseason can't be a bad thing, can it?

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