Monday, May 24, 2010

Well, that was a quick round

After an action-packed first and second rounds, I do believe the Conference Final didn't quite live up to billing - who would have thought that we'd have our Stanley Cup Finalists after only nine games?

I mean, the Sharks once again lived up to being the definition of "choke". Granted, they did manage to get out of the first two rounds, but I think being swept out still places them in that category.

Although, I must say that the series was rather good hockey. All of the games were decided by two goals or less, Game 3 going into overtime. The Sharks played well, but they couldn't get it done in any of the games. And, really, that's all that counts at this point in the season.

Then there was the Montreal-Philadelphia series which was, in my opinion, despite going one more game than the Western Conference Final, much more lopsided. The Flyers shut out the Canadiens in 3 of the four games that they won, giving the Canadiens almost no chance in the series.

So this sets up a Chicago-Philadelphia final, both cities going through quite a drought since their last Stanley Cup. I can't decide which team I want to cheer for, and I can't decide which team I think will win. Chicago seems to have all the weapons to win, but Philadelphia has proven themselves capable in these playoffs, not to mention featuring Peter Laviolette behind the bench. As for cheering, I hate this iteration of Philadelphia goons, but I really don't want to root for Marian Hossa to finally get a Cup either.

The conclusion? Well, we'll have to go through a best-of-seven to find out... First game is on Saturday.

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