Saturday, October 10, 2009

Canes storm all over the Panthers.

Canes beat the crap out of Florida 7-2 last night at the RBC Center.

This was the first game I went to in person this season and it was somewhat unfortunate that such a beatdown went on in front of such a paltry crowd... but, then again, Florida wouldn't have been my top choice to view either.

The score is not so much a result of how great the Canes played, but how bad Florida played. There were tons of turnovers by the Panthers - specifically Jussi Jokinen's goal off of a poorly played puck behind the net.

The good thing for the Canes was the fact that all seven goals were scored by seven different people - definitely a variety of contributors from several lines, with Tom Kostopoulos getting his first Canes goal (a shorthanded steal) and Jay Harrison getting his first goal as well.

The two goals scored by Florida came far too late to actually make a difference in the score, and weren't really Ward's fault at all. Cam played very well in net the few times he was challenged.

I feel actually sort of bad for the Florida fans. Essentially the only players on their team are Nathan Horton, David Booth, and Cory Stillman. That's it. That's their depth. Pretty pathetic, actually.

Canes play again tonight against Tampa. Hopefully their success against Florida-based teams will continue.

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