Thursday, October 15, 2009

Canes drop two

Since my last post the Canes have gone 0-1-1. Awesome.

The Canes lost 5-2 to the Lightning, allowing them to get their first win of the year. I was able to watch a lot of the third period, which means I was able to tune in just in time to see the Canes give the game away by letting Tampa score 3 goals in succession. Ryan Malone got a hat trick in that one.

Then yesterday the Canes lost in a shootout to the Penguins. Again, I tuned in just in time for the third period - although this one had somewhat of a better experience. Ray Whitney single-handedly tied the game with his two goals. Unfortunately, he couldn't knock in another one (in regulation or in the shootout) and the Canes lost in the shootout, despite pushing the Pens to 6 rounds in the shootout.

Watching the highlights online, I must say that, first of all, Ray Whitney should be in front of the net more often, as both of his goals were redirects off of his stick out in front of the net.

Secondly, Cam Ward is a beast. I was going to post a clip of one of his saves, but at the end of the game he had so many. The goals were not his fault, mainly a lack of defense there - but this game easily could've been won outright by the Penguins if it wasn't Ward making the stops there.

Some concerning news for Caniacs is that, according to the Canes' Twitter feed, this is the second time Eric Staal has been held out of practice. He played in the game last night, but I think there must be some kind of injury if he's not practicing. Why else would you hold your star player off the ice?

The next game is Saturday against New Jersey. I know it's early in the season, but I haven't been overly impressed by the Canes... perhaps they can begin to turn it around?

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