Friday, March 06, 2009

Cole is back tonight!

Erik Cole is back in a Canes jersey tonight!

I'm so looking forward to seeing him on the ice again!

And, seriously, if the line he gets put on clicks immediately, that will be absolutely frickin amazing. Just imagine what a Ruutu-Staal-Cole line could do!

In my zealous-ness to post on Wednesday, I completely forgot to post a game recap for Tuesday night's game. The Canes had a solid win over the C[r]apitals 5-2, of which I saw none because it was not on TV. But it was a win against a good team, so that definitely counts for something!

Canes are currently tied with Buffalo for ninth, although they technically get the tenth spot. So, obviously, it would be great if the Canes could win tonight against Calgary!

Chad LaRose stats: 1 goal, 1 assist
On the season: 14 goals, 9 assists

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