Saturday, March 07, 2009

Canes beat the snot out of Calgary

Canes won 6-1 last night against Calgary.

If this is the result we get with Cole in the lineup - why did we trade him away in the first place?

While Cole looked absolutely, completely spectactular with a goal in his first game back, Ray Whitney was the true star of the night. Whitney notched a hat trick and his 300th career goal.

The Canes were amazing in this game - exploding with a three goal flurry towards the end of the first period, and Calgary was never able to recover. The Canes got 34 shots, and most of them were solid chances, not the far away flinging the puck at the net like they can be prone to do.

And there were fights! Dennis Seidenberg got in one, of all people, after he postively crunched Eric Nystorm in a check. And then there was the Tim Conboy one, of which I got a picture:

An awesome picture, if I do say so myself.

Anyways, I was completely blown away by the quality of the thrashing the Canes put on Calgary, and I certainly hope it carries over to Tampa Bay tonight.

Erik Cole stats: 1 goal
With the Canes: 1 goal

Chad LaRose stats: 1 assist
On the season: 14 goals, 10 assists

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