Friday, February 06, 2009


We actually came out of San Jose with a win! Well, a shootout win, but a win all the same.

I'm very impressed. Considering how we've been beaten by the Bruins this season, I didn't think the Canes would win against the leaders of the West. Obviously, I was wrong.

And, wow, I just watched the highlights online - man, was that third Canes goal sweet. I mean, LaRose passes to Whitney, who shoots through the crease to get it to Cullen, streaking in from the blue line, who then passed back to Whitney to knock it in - Wow!

Michael Leighton also looked like he made some pretty stellar saves - maybe some of the goals were a bit soft, but the saves online are definitely highlight reel quality.

The bad news about this win is that Eric Staal left in the third with some kind of lower-body injury, although it sounds day-to-day at the worst.

The next game is against Phoenix tomorrow. I can tell you that I have a much better outlook on this team after this game.

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