Saturday, February 07, 2009

Not Brookbank!

The Canes have traded Wade Brookbank, Josef Melichar, and a 4th round pick for Jussi Jokinen of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

I'm not sure what to make of this. I don't really know much about Jokinen, despite him playing for the Lightning this year. Checking his career stats, it looks like he's having a little bit of a down year compared with his other seasons in the NHL. According to Rutherford:
“Jussi is a skilled, two-positional player that can be used in all situations,” said Rutherford. “He will add depth to our team at an important time of the season.”
In reality, the Canes didn't give up too much for him - Brookbank hadn't played in a game since December, and Melichar's been down in the minors for most of the year.

But I'm definitely going to miss Brookbank. He was essentially the only person who would fight on our team. Oh well...

Game is tonight at nine against Phoenix.

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