Monday, February 02, 2009

Well-formed thoughts and good comma use are overrated

Canes played really well against the Thrashers on Saturday, winning in a 2-0 shutout.

Although, I believe the key words to that sentence are "against the Thrashers". Not sure that beating the crap out of them really means anything in the way of the Canes' progression, but whatever, a win's a win - a well-played win even better.

And, really, the Canes should have scored more goals, but Kari Lehtonen was playing pretty well in front of the net. As was Cam Ward, but that kind of goes without saying in a shutout (third of the year for Ward!).

The Canes also picked up their second shorthanded goal of the year, thanks to the terrific penalty killing duo of Matt Cullen and Chad LaRose. That's two games in a row and I'm hoping that's a streak that lasts for a while.

Chad LaRose, by the way, has 2 goals and 2 assists in the last five games. Again, hoping that streak lasts.

And with this win, the Canes have gained possession of the all-important 8th spot in the East! YaY!

Here's other news, bullet-style, because I don't feel like forming full paragraphs. (Not that I really ever write in full paragraphs - they're overrated.)

  • The Canes now have a Twitter account. I'm following, are you?

  • I would totally be dropping hints on here for this (Don't click if your computer freaks out about .pdf like the retarded ones at my school do) if I knew that any of my real-life guy friends checked this blog at all. Sadly, my friends are all losers, unlike you, my dear reader(s), and they don't read my blog. So I won't drop hints, because dropping hints to people you don't know is kind of creepy and/or depressing.

  • Click here for pictures of some of the ugliest jerseys ever. I mean, Montreal has a perfectly fine jersey already. Why ruin it with that?

  • Best commercial of last night.

Next Canes game is tomorrow against Vancouver. Not staying up for it, so expect a lame recap whenever.

Chad LaRose stats: 1 assist
On the season: 11 goals, 5 assists

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