Friday, January 30, 2009

Game Recaps and Stuff

Haven't posted in a while, and I don't really have that great of an excuse, so let's just go to the recaps, eh?

Last weekend was the All-Star Game. Saturday was the skills competition (which I wasn't able to watch) and Sunday was the game itself, which the East won 12-11 in a shootout. Our very own All-Star, Eric Staal, scored one goal in the victory.

Then on Tuesday came the 3-2 loss against the Rangers. I thought the Canes played very well in this game - they just couldn't pull out the win. It was a rather well-paced game - there was no stoppage in play for 15-ish minutes in the third period!

Last night the Canes pulled one out against Tampa 3-2. Definitely didn't play as well in this one, although Chad LaRose notched the first shorthanded goal of the year! Cam Ward played very well, which covered up the Canes lameness on many accounts. Really, the Canes looked to be coasting to overtime in the third period, until Staal's lucky goal in the third.

Next game is tomorrow against Atlanta - starts at 8:00 for reasons unknown to this Caniac. Anyways, Atlanta's way out of the playoff picture, but a win would be nice because the Canes are the odd man out in ninth place right now.

Chad LaRose stats (Tuesday): 1 assist
(Thursday): 1 goal
On the season: 11 goals, 4 assists

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