Friday, February 13, 2009

Scoring a goal. What a novel idea!

Well, that was pathetic.

Canes lost 5-0 to the Panthers last night.

Last night was a very important game in the playoff standings, and the Canes didn't even bother to show up. Go figure. They can beat down the Coyotes in a meaningless game for the Eastern Conference standings, but they can't even put up a goal against the Panthers. Who are now tied for seventh place, while the Canes are now three points back in ninth.

I can't even put into words my frustration at this team right now. I think the shutout irks me even more than just a plain loss. Not to mention allowing five goals in said shutout (Cam looked like crap, btw).

The Canes had 42 shots, which I think says more about the quality of shots they are taking than the actual effort put forth. Vokoun was barely tested last night. 42 shots and not even one goal! Pathetic.

You can kiss the playoffs goodbye if this is the way the Canes play in a crucial game.

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