Monday, February 16, 2009

Canes win one and lose one

Well... I'm not sure what to think of this weekend.

On Valentine's Day, the Canes got their butt kicked for the second game in a row, losing 5-1 to the Columbus Blue Jackets. This game wasn't much better than the previous shutout, except, of course, that this time the Canes managed to score a goal. And there were some better chances than in the Florida game, but that doesn't change the fact that the Canes handily lost this one.

Then, last night, the Canes had a shutout of their own, beating Buffalo 3-0. Wasn't able to watch this game, as it wasn't on TV, but from what I've gleaned from the highlights and recap, it looks like the Canes got out to an early lead and were able to keep it for the entire game. Watching some of the saves made, the Canes probably could have scored some more goals.

The bad news following this win is that Justin Williams broke a bone in his hand and will be out at least a month. Man, this guy just can't stay healthy! (Although, this development makes the Jussi Jokinen trade look particularly good.)

The next game is tomorrow against the Bruins. Hopefully the Canes will put on a good show, as it's Glen Wesley night, with the number 2 being raised to the rafters.

Chad LaRose stats (Sunday): 1 goal
On the season: 13 goals, 6 assists

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