Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Glen Wesley Night!

Last night was Glen Wesley Night and the Canes had a really nice ceremony to raise the number two to the rafters. And I was lucky enough to attend!

It was very similar to Ron Francis' ceremony - hosted by John Forslund, there was a video montage of Wesley's career, then some gifts given to Wesley (a ski trip, his first and last game scorecards, a painting (which I took a picture of, but Wesley doesn't show up at all because my camera apparently doesn't like to focus in the dark)). Then Wesley himself spoke, thanking pretty much everyone who had helped him to play hockey (family, friends, coaches, fans, etc.).

Then came the actual raising of the banner, which Wesley and his family attached so it could be lifted:

As you can tell from the above picture, the seats weren't really in the best place for banner photography - my camera also doesn't like to focus on thin floating rectangles, apparently.

Then came the actual game. Which is totally not worth talking about compared to the achievements of Glen Wesley.

I mean, seriously Canes? A 5-1 loss to the Bruins the night you're honoring a teammate? What, was this your way of showing how great Wesley was - by showing what our defense has become without him in the lineup?

The game wasn't that bad in the beginning - the Canes even scored first. But then they just couldn't connect on anything after that (I swear these guys don't know how to lead a pass so someone can keep skating instead of doubling back to get the puck), Cam let in a soft one in the second.

And then the Canes just had a meltdown in the third period. You realize the combined score of the last three home games is 15-2 against? Yeah, I seriously don't think we're going to make it into the playoffs. And guess what? Even if we squeeze in the 8th spot - guess who we'll get to play? Boston, the team which has kicked our butt for four games this year.

Such pessimism... that's definitely not in my nature. But optimism is like a gas tank - every once in a while you have to fill it up with something to keep going. And 5-1 losses at home are like gashes in the fuel line.

Next game is tomorrow against the Islanders. Just win or something, okay?

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