Friday, February 20, 2009

Bus crash and a win

Big day in the realm of the Carolina Hurricanes yesterday.

First of all, the Canes' minor league affiliate, the Albany River Rats, were involved in a horrible bus crash early Thursday morning. Apparently the bus was traveling in snowy conditions when it flipped over and came to rest by a guard rail. Luckily, everyone was able to walk off the bus, although 4 players (Casey Borer, Joe Jensen, Nicholas Blanchard, and Jonathan Paiement) and the radio commentator were kept in the hospital with more serious injuries. Hopefully they will recover quickly - it was very lucky that more people weren't seriously hurt.

As for the Hurricanes, they kicked butt in a 6-2 win over the Islanders. A well-played game with some fights in the third period (Conboy v. Jackman and LaRose v. Comrie. Neither was a bout to write home about, but I'll take them considering how rare fights are when your team is the Canes). The Canes really set the tone of the game at the end of the first period by scoring two goals in less than a minute.

Essentially, I think the team should play on the road the rest of the season, considering their recent road streak and their current home losing streak. But, that's not going to happen tonight, as the Canes take on the Lightning at home. The Canes are still ninth in the standings, but have closed the points gap to three.

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