Wednesday, December 17, 2008

YaY for winning!

Canes won 3-2 last night against Montreal!

Montreal pretty much gave the game to us in this one, taking eleven penalties over the course of the game. Luckily, our power play finally got it together and all three of the Canes goals were scored on the power play! (Eric Staal notching two of them - good to see he's gotten his head out of his butt the past few games.)

One of Montreal's goals was complete crap in my opinion - a penalty shot that shouldn't have been. True, Latendresse was slashed on the way into the goal - but I thought you weren't supposed to get a penalty shot if a shot was taken on the play? I thought the whole point of a penalty shot was to give someone the shot that was taken away from them...?

Anyways... Montreal certainly likes to hit people from behind, the most prominent happening when Eric Staal was viciously shoved headfirst into the boards. I don't think Staal missed a shift, but doing something like that is definitely not cool.

But, hey, we won! And no overtime/shootout nonsense either. A good regulation win. Maybe we can pull one off against Florida tomorrow night?

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