Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another shootout loss

Canes lost another in a shootout last night, losing 3-2 to the Rangers. (Not the Pens, who for some bizarre reason I thought we were playing again when I posted last. Whatever.)

I only saw the third period, as I was at a friend's birthday party. Canes looked okay, looked like they were matching the pace of the Rangers. Stupid idiots couldn't convert on a power play if their life depended on it, though.

The shootout itself looked much better this time around - Cam Ward looked very good, only letting in 1 out of 5. Sadly, that was the winning shot as the Canes couldn't convert on any of their chances.

This Caniac is rather unhappy that Chad LaRose did not play in the game. And that Corvo and Pitkanen are being worked to death by playing over 31 minutes apiece. But ice-time grievances have been better defined better over at Canes Country.

Ugh. Canes play Montreal on Tuesday. I suppose losses that gain us a point are better than outright losses. But is it too much to ask for a win? Especially when the Canes are tenth in the division, and the Florida Panthers are ahead of us in the standings?

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