Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving was not very kind to the Canes record

Soooo... The Canes went 1-3 over my Thanksgiving break... Not very good.

First, the Canes lost to Florida 3-2.

Then they lost to Philadelphia 3-1 (while wearing their third jerseys... making them 2-2 on the season with them... I'm not exactly sure why I'm continuing that stat, other than now that I've started, I certainly can't stop...)

Then they won in Philly 3-2 in overtime. I saw the first period of that game (while eating a delicious cheesesteak), which was merely an okay showing by the Canes. I also saw Wade Brookbank's fight, which was an excellent fight to watch, the referees letting them go at it for quite a bit. Don't think either one won the fight, though.
Sergei Samsonov scored in the overtime period.

Finally, they lost 4-1 to the Ducks yesterday. About the time of puck drop I was lamenting the Washington Redskins' slow shuttle system to take us back to our parking spot all the way on the other side of I-495. Yep, I went the Giants-Redskins game on the way back from Pennsylvania - froze my butt off in the stupid mist, too (although my six layers of clothing did keep me moderately warm...)

Anyways... Canes lost Cam Ward to a groin injury in that Ducks game - he'll be out for the next three games and Justin Peters will be called up to back up Leighton.

Good news on the injury front (unexpected news as well) is that Justin Williams of all people will more than likely be back on the ice sometime this week. And this is after busting his Achilles' tendon in training camp. ("Busting" being the proper medical term in cases such as these.) Good news - we could definitely use him out on the ice. I just hope he doesn't get injured from coming back too fast.

Next game is on Thursday against Pittsburgh.

Chad LaRose stats (Monday): 1 goal
(Wednesday): 1 goal
On the season: 7 goals, 2 assists


magnolia_mer said...

Ah, to see Willie back will be soooo sweet.

Ashley said...

Agreed. It's a shame we had to go without him at all...