Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And it's not even training camp yet...

Terrible news: Justin Williams will undergo surgery to repair a torn right Achilles' tendon. He will be out four to six months.

My goodness. This makes the announcement about Rod Brind'Amour yesterday seem like absolutely nothing.

I implore our remaining forwards to refrain from any strenuous activity, lest they be injured as well.

And I am so close to hitting the Panic Button on this season already. Not so much because of the loss of Williams (although, this is a big loss ), but because it does not bode well that the injury bug is striking so early, and with such efficiency.

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Susan Mo said...

I am with you!! I think the remaining forwards should not be allowed to do much of anything for the next few weeks. I can't believe Willy is gone without even one shift on the ice!