Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Regulation Win!

Canes won 2-1 against Montreal on Tuesday.

I thought they played a lot better since the last time I had actually watched them. They got a total of 48 shots on goal, although I've noticed that a lot of their shots are coming from the perimeter and not from the slot. (I think "the slot" is what its called... If it was college basketball, it would be called "the paint" and ESPN would put up a cool graphic with "Points in the Paint" showing all the missed and made shots... Anyways... I was trying to clarify so I didn't sound like a moron, but somehow I think I missed the point...)

Power play looked good in spots - Ray Whitney got a goal on one. The refs were absolutely horrible, obviously forgetting their contacts throughout the second period...

Yeah, I'd say more but I'm incredibly tired for absolutely no reason at all... oh well...

Next game is tomorrow against Phoenix.

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