Thursday, September 25, 2008

Canes look lame; lose

Canes lost their first preseason game last night against the C[r]apitals 4-1.

They played like crap pretty much the entire time. The game was boring, nothing really exciting or cool happened during it.

No one really stood out, either, except for Joni Pitkanen. He didn't really seem to make much of a presence on the ice - but then I would look to see who took a nice shot and it would be him. Maybe he's like a ninja - you don't see him until he strikes!

Anyways, Niclas Wallin looked like crap. He was a -2 on the night, too.

And the injury bug bit again - Gleason's out with some sort of leg injury. YaY.

Apparently the Canes are tied in their rematch against the C[r]apitals tonight. Hopefully they'll get their act together before the season starts. And hopefully they'll stop getting injured!

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