Sunday, September 28, 2008

Canes earn first preseason win

Canes went 1-1 against the Flyers this weekend.

They lost the first game 4-2, the Flyers being all emotional and whatnot because this was their last game at the Spectrum before its demolition, and they had all kinds of ceremonies and stuff.

Then there was today's game, which the
Canes won 1-0. It was a lot more exciting than the score makes it seem - the Canes missing on tons of chances with an open or semi-open net. The Canes played a heckuva lot better than they did in the only other time I've seen them play this preseason (that being Wednesday). Staal, Cullen and Walker were some of the regulars in this game - Cullen didn't play the last two periods because he was hit hard and they were holding him out for "precautionary reasons". Samsonov was the one who scored the goal for the Canes.

I took my new digital camera to the game, and ca
me back with 31 pictures. Most of them were blurry or pictures of the jumbotron so I could judge when in the game I took the pictures.

Anyways, this is the best picture of a string showing Scott Walker's fight with Nate Guenin.

And this is a random picture of Brandon Sutter. I
have no idea when or why I took this (I think I was aiming at something else), but it's the best one of the bunch.
I debated taking a picture of the blood across the ice when Josef Melichar was struck by a high stick, but I didn't want to seem overly morbid.

And, the Canes have sent some people back down to juniors/Albany after this game. I'm bummed that Casey Borer didn't make it, and also Jakub Petruzalek, just because I think his name is completely awesome to say out loud a few times (try it!).

Making it through this round of cuts is Bryan Rodney, a defensemen who played really really well in today's game.

Next preseason game is Thursday at Nashville.

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