Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm back!

Yes, after a three week absence your favorite teenaged Caniac blogger is back in action! (No thanks to those accursed College Board tests I've been subjected to in the past three weeks - all five of them lasting over 3 hours...)

And, I find that I haven't really missed anything over the past weeks... Laviolette's our coach without a doubt... Russia won the World Championships over Canada... Sean Avery busted his spleen (and even though it is a serious injury, I laughed...)... Penguins are the East Champions... and Dallas is staving off elimination by the Red Wings...

So, yeah... nothing really exciting happened. And it probably won't for a while.
But I'm least I'm back to post about the boring-ness! YaY?


Susan Mo said...

Yeah, I kind of laughed over Avery, too.

I am quite interested in this match up between the Pens and the Wings. Should be an interesting series of games pitting youth against experience. I have to cheer for the Pens, though. I must stick with the East team, and the Red Wings are just to horrible to cheer.

Ashley said...

:) At least I'm not the only one!

I hate the Wings. The season of 2001-2002 is still a sore spot in my memory.

I'm more interested in seeing if the Pens defense can stop Henrik Zetterburg from making Fleury seem like Swiss cheese...