Sunday, April 27, 2008

Don't blame me!

Wow. I haven't posted in over a week...

But don't blame me! Blame the upcoming SAT/AP test season, college visits, and my moronic teacher who believes "AP test review" is a term for "assign as many projects as humanly possible". Or rather, inhumanly, because I believe she thinks we are all robots that spend at least 23 hours a day devouring obscure history texts.

And, y'know, there hasn't been much to post about... the C[r]apitals lost their series against the Flyers (yes!), but really, from the Canes end of things, it's been sort of dull.

So, yeah, unless something particularly strikes me enough to post, don't expect anything special until after May... whenever my last AP test is... (not a good sign, that I don't know the test dates, eh?)

1 comment:

Susan Mo said...

Good Luck!! I remember AP exams well, and I remember how tough they were. They were very useful, though. I did get enough credits to skip two classes in college.

Have a great weekend!