Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Laviolette is awesome. That was my point. I think.

Well, the Canes lost their "must-win" last night 4-1.

So, now the C[r]apitals are tied for the division lead with the Canes. With two games left.

Is anyone else hyperventilating?

Now, granted, all the Canes have to do is win their next two, starting tonight against Tampa. But, I'm slightly worried because they did not impress me at all last night.

Well, actually, y'know who impressed me? Coach Laviolette. He wasn't taking none of that no-call crap from the referees last night (Are these guys blind? AO crosschecks Staal in the stomach a good five seconds after the play is called - I think there's some star-preference going on...). Seriously, if this had been a baseball game, second base would've been thrown across the field, and the rosin bag woulda been tossed like a hand grenade. Good for Lavi! He showed he's a man after my own heart screaming at the refs like that - because that's exactly what I was doing through the TV.

Anyways... I just lost my train of thought. Probably because I was looking for the clip of the aforementioned baseball manager... here's the post I posted it on (waaaay back in '06), but the clip's dead...
Hm... and I don't even think that was the one I was thinking of... maybe i didn't post it... oh well, here's a link.

Right. Train of thought left at station. Choo choo!

Hopefully the Canes will be better than this post tonight!

Choo choo!

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