Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hats off to LaRose!

Canes beat the Lightning 6-2 last night!

Chad LaRose got a hat trick!


Canes are now either one win (Friday against the Panthers) or a Washington loss away from being champions of the Southeast Division!

They definitely played better in this game than the one on Tuesday. The powerplay was pretty good - and the Canes showed life throughout the whole game. Of course, Tampa didn't really play well, but whatever.

But, hopefully Tampa will play better tonight, as they are playing the C[r]apitals - and if Washington loses we are definitely in the playoffs!

Erik Cole stats: 2 assists
On the season: 22 goals, 29 assists

Chad LaRose stats: 3 goals
On the season: 11 goals, 11 assists

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Susan Mo said...

The game was great last night. I thought Staalsy did a great job of getting the team started with his goal in the first 32 seconds. They need that same kind of determination on Friday night. I think they will do it, but I would still like to see the Crapitols lose one anyway!