Sunday, March 30, 2008

Canes win and lose - C[r]apitals not far behind...

So, on Friday, the Canes absolutely steamrolled the Thrashers, winning 7-1.

And, man, this game was extremely chippy. I find it interesting, that with the return of losing to Atlanta, returns the crap that made Caniacs hate this team even when we were beating up on them. Altogether 115 penalty minutes on the game.

So, yeah, Canes absolutely kicked butt in this one. Ruutu got two, Hamilton got two - 5 goals were on the power play, one was shorthanded. A really great game to watch, if you were on the Canes side.

But, then, last night the Canes dropped one to Tampa 2-1, allowing the C[r]apitals to come within 2 points of the Canes in the standings.

Is anyone else just a tad bit concerned that the C[r]apitals are so close with only three games left?

Anyways, the Canes were leading when I switched to the Tar Heels game, Chad LaRose having scored on a "three way passing play" in the words of Chuck K. It's great that Chad is back to his old self - no lack of energy there!

So, Canes play said C[r]apitals on Tuesday - can anybody say "must win"?

Erik Cole stats (Friday): 2 assists
On the season: 22 goals, 27 assists

Chad LaRose stats (Friday): 1 assist
Saturday: 1 goal
On the season: 8 goals, 11 assists

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