Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hey, how bout some defense?

Wow. That was lame.

Canes lost 6-1 to the Devils last night.

The lone goal for the Canes was scored by Keith Aucoin, who I think can be called the Brodeur-Sniper (or some other creative name) because he has scored both his first and second career goals on the guy. Which is pretty amazing, cause Brodeur's one of the best ever...

That's pretty much the highlight of the night. Defensive lapses abound.

I did notice that the Canes did not come out with as near as much of a physical presence as they did in the Washington game. I think that cost them a lot - allowing the Devils to set the tone.

Next game is against the Bruins. Hopefully the Canes'll remember to play defense.

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