Saturday, February 09, 2008

Cole scores and Canes win

Canes won and regained the lead in the Southeast with a 2-1 victory over Washington.

The Canes started out great in this game, both hitting and fighting. My man Erik Cole had a strong period, scoring his first goal in, like, forever. (Play of the Day #4 on SportsCenter).
BTW - Colesie, I'm liking the beard.

The second period was highlighted by a massive 5-on-3 penalty kill by the Canes.

In the third, the Canes let the C[r]apitals score, giving the game a little bit of excitement heading down the stretch. But the Canes managed to hang on and win.

Cam Ward played really good in this one.

In roughly half an hour the Canes will be taking on the New Jersey Devils.

Erik Cole stats: 1 goal
On the season: 12 goals, 21 assists

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