Monday, February 11, 2008

GAH! Canes trade Commodore and Stillman!

The Canes have traded Mike Commodore and Cory Stillman to the Ottawa Senators for Joe Corvo and Patrick Eaves.

Holy crap, I didn't see this coming.

Well, okay, I did see a trade coming. And I had a feeling Stillman was going to get gone (My dad called him "Still-boy" because he reminded us of the Pillsbury Dough Boy out on the ice) - but Commodore? I mean, he was one of our top D-men (and we need all them we can get!).

I miss the hair already.

So, we got a defenseman and a forward in return. Corvo I don't think really stuck out at me a "trade for me" kind of guy, but Eaves I'm pretty sure is a good, young forward.

Hey, if they help us win, then I'm cool with it.

In completely different news, a scary incident last night in a game between the Sabres and Panthers, where Richard Zednik had his neck cut by a teammate's skate. Luckily, he's in stable condition right now. (Link to YouTube video - I personally can only watch it once)

I'm glad to hear that he's okay. Get well soon, man.

We'll see the new Canes acquisitions tomorrow against the Bruins.

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