Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Canes lose LaRose

Canes lost a close one against Nashville last night 1-0.

I only saw the second period, so I didn't see Chad LaRose lose an edge, crash into the boards, and break his leg in the first period.

Poor guy. And just what we needed, another person out with injury - especially LaRose who always has a jump in his step.

So the second period was one with a lot of chances for both teams, but no capitalization. (That doesn't sound right... oh well...)

Anyways, that's really all I can tell you about that game.

Tangentially related, I got Tim Gleason's autograph today. Yeah, I went to the Carolina Ale House and bought one of their magnet hearts, and he was there to autograph it.

While he was signing it I asked him if he rooted for UNC or Duke. (NOT a wierd question, as the game is on tonight. Stupid 9:00 start, though. I'm going to be so dead in the morning tomorrow. Why must the game be on so late? I wouldn't think there's a significant enough West Coast viewing share, so why not start it at 7:00?
...Back to hockey, now.) And he said that he didn't really watch it much, but he would choose (and he "thought" about it for a while) UNC. And I smiled and pointed at my shirt and said "Good choice". He laughed (because I guess he didn't know I was wearing it) and then said that he'd tell the lady behind me who was wearing a Duke shirt that he went for Duke.

It's really cool that the NHL players all seem to have a good humor while signing autographs. (At least the ones I've asked to sign my stuff... although somehow I don't think Sean Avery would come across as a nice guy...)

*EDIT 8:26PM* I added super-cool picture! I love my new scanner!

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