Sunday, November 18, 2007

The catch-up post

Wow... I haven't posted since... Tuesday? That's pretty bad.

So, here's the obligatory catch-up post.

On Wednesday the Canes lost 6-1 to the Lightning. The Canes started out okay in the first, but fell completely apart in the second, allowing 5 goals. Williams was the only one who seemed like he was at least trying to play. (On a random note - I really like Williams' hair. It looks really good.)

On Friday the Canes lost 3-0 to the Thrashers. The Canes got behind in the first on two Marian Hossa goals, and they just never came back. Not that they had a lack of chances - I specifically remember two open net chances in the second period off of misplays by goalie Johan Hedburg - not capitalized on!
An interesting occurence was that almost every time the Thrashers got a penalty, they seemed to be hauling down Chad LaRose. Pick on somebody your own size!

On Saturday (in a rare back-to-back home stand) the Canes beat Florida 2-1. I listened to the Chuck Kaiton call of the win because the game wasn't televised. From what I heard/paid attention to, it sounded like the Canes played better.

That's it for now. This week I'll be better at posting regularly because it's Thanksgiving - no school!

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