Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mid-week update

Not really much from a team standpoint with the Canes, as they don't play until Friday, but there's some interesting stuff out there in general:

- The Canes site has a nice article on Chad LaRose and how awesome he has been so far this season.

- The site also has a good article on Jeff Hamilton and how he has suddenly made the Canes power play freakin' awesome.

- Bob Hartley, coach of the Atlanta Thrashers, was fired today after the team starting 0-6. I bust up laughing at the following quote from the GM in the article:

"Whether Bob should be the victim here or not, time will tell, but unfortunately in this business coaches, all have shelf lives,"
I guess when I think of "shelf lives" I think of moldy cheese that smells a little and is slighty fuzzy... and picturing an NHL coach like that was just hilarious...
Okay, yeah it wasn't that funny. I still think it's quote-worthy, though.

- I think heated skate blades would be the bomb.

That's it for now. More when something newsworthy comes up or the Canes play a game. Whichever comes first.

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