Saturday, October 20, 2007

Walker goes down, so do Canes in shootout

Canes lost in a shootout 4-3 to the Penguins last night.

Canes absolutely should have won, having pretty much controlled the first period. Then Scott Walker got injured and the game went downhill from there...

Walker suddenly went down in the second. When I say "suddenly" I mean he just collapsed with no one near him. It looked really scary, especially with the way his head was kind of flopped forward when he left the ice...

Official diagnosis was a "torso injury", and he was released from the hospital and flew with the Canes to Philadelphia. Other than that, I can find no information on what happened to him, or what the hospital diagnosis was.

As for the actual game, Canes lost their fire at the end of the game, causing it to go into OT and then the shootout. And, I must say, Cam Ward looked pretty bad in the shootout, not making one save.

This marks the third game at Mellon Arena where a Cane has gotten injured. There is some serious bad karma there...

Tonight the Canes go across state to Philadelphia, who are definitely not following last year's template of losing. Of course, it probably helps when you drop tons of money on Daniel Briere and actually have a goaltender in Marty Biron.

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