Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Poor Erik...

Today's N&O article reports on Erik Cole and his ongoing recovery from his neck injury. Apparently the two vertebra affected fused together in the healing process, causing him to lose some of the range of motion in his neck.

The article compares the fusion to Glen Wesley's surgically fused vertebra, which, considering how long Wesley's been playing, could be a good sign.
"When I look at Glen, he had the fusion done and he has a limited range of mobility," Cole said. "I don't think he's really sore like I was this year, but I bet the year after he had the surgery done, that first year I would assume he was pretty sore then. It's just something that over time will become easier to deal with and play with."
Hopefully Cole will continue to kick derrière on the ice. I think it's pretty amazing that he not only continues to play after his injury, but he also hasn't seemed to lose any of his Amazing-Power-Forward-Spirit.

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