Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cullen? Hmm...

Yesterday the NHL released it's regular season schedule. The Canes version is here.

The Canes open their season at home against the Montreal Canadiens on Wednesday, Oct 3rd.

And - whoa, what's this? - Matt Cullen might be coming back to the Canes? That's what today's N&O article suggests.

Because of the Rangers large offseason acquisitions (Drury and Gomez and Shanahan and Lundqvist) they are currently over the cap and in the need of some salary dumping. Cullen, who didn't do as well with the Rangers last year, may have suddenly become expendable.

And guess who's in the market for a third line center? I wouldn't be surprised if some kind of deal goes on here - especially with Rutherford's knack of bringing back players who have played with the team before...

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