Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Preseason is coming!

Canes announced their preseason schedule yesterday. Here it is:
Sept. 16 - Home v. Washington
Sept. 21 - Home v. Nashville
Sept. 22 - Away v. Nashville
Sept. 25 - Away v. Washington
Sept. 27 - Away v. Columbus
Sept. 28 - Home v. Columbus

Due to the coinciding Caniac Carnival, admission to the September 16th game will be free!

An interesting note: Sidney Crosby was signed to a five year extension by the Penguins today. Deal is estimated to be worth $45 mil (~$9 mil per year).
Believe it or not, he's probably not getting overpaid in that contract.


Jake said...

Why do we always play Columbus in our pre-season? I can sort of understand because it is a west coast team and we wouldn't have to worry about game strategy and giving away stuff, but then, everything changes during/after preseason any way. And, there are more teams in the west coast... Are we just buddy-buddy with Columbus or something?

Ashley said...

I think it's more of a geography thing. Washington, Nashville, Raleigh and Columbus are pretty close to each other, and I don't think the teams want to travel much in the preseason.