Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Foster team playoff preview

So, now that I have officially adopted a foster team for the remainder of the playoffs, I guess I better look at the playoff matchup.

#2 New Jersey Devils v. #7 Tampa Bay Lightning
So, the two big people for Tampa Bay are Martin St. Louis and Vincent Lecavalier. They play an insane amount of minutes each game, and have an insane amount of points to show for it. Otherwise, there's Vaclav Prospal, Brad Richards, and Dan Boyle thrown in the mix.
Tampa's goaltending has been kind of sketchy this year, which is probably their weak point.

On the other side of the ice, goaltending is New Jersey's strong point with Martin Brodeur in net. But, if you can beat him, the team falls apart. (Anybody remember the 7-2 win the Canes had over Jersey? My point exactly. Chad LaRose 4-evah!) Jersey tends to play extremely defensively - they score, and then go on defense. Because of this, Jersey doesn't really have any high scoring people on their team - Patrik Elias leads the team with 69 points. That's against Lecavalier's 108.

So, offense against defense. Good goaltending against so-so goaltending. Who will prevail? I'm hoping for my foster team, the Tampa Bay Lightning!

Anyways... while crawling the web I found some blogs that actually follow these teams.
My foster team:
Bolts Blog
Tampa Bay Lightning

The enemy:
2 Man Advantage
In Lou We Trust

Up next: Playoff Predictions for the whole league! Yeah, time for me to make a fool of myself! YaY!

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Patricia said...

Thanks for the name drop, nice blog. Sorry the Canes couldn't make it this year, as a Devil fan I know how much that stings (see: 1996).

Good luck next year and don't be a stranger!