Wednesday, April 11, 2007

1st round playoff predictions

It's playoff prediction time! *gazes into crystal ball*

#1 Buffalo v. #8 Islanders - Buffalo in 5
As much as I hate Buffalo, I don't think the Islanders have enough to beat them.

#2 New Jersey v. #7 Tampa Bay - Oh no, I've learned my lesson. I don't pick the series with a team that I pull for.

#3 Atlanta v. #6 Rangers - Atlanta in 6

#4 Ottawa v. #5 Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh in 5
Pittsburgh's offfense will overwhelm.

West (And you thought I didn't know what I was talking about in the East?)
#1 Detroit v. #8 Calgary - Calgary in 7
Another first round exit for Detroit sounds like a good pick to me.

#2 Anaheim v. #7 Minnesota - Ooh, this one's hard... Anaheim in 7

#3 Vancouver v. #6 Dallas - Vancouver in 5

#4 Nashville v. #5 San Jose - Another tough one... Nashville in 7


I will be gone for the remainder of the week - Spring Break trip! So, Tampa will play their first two games - Thursday and Saturday - and I probably will not see them, and most definitely will not be posting.

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