Sunday, March 18, 2007

Awesome beatdown of New Jersey

Canes routed New Jersey 7-2 yesterday.

Absolutely awsome game. Canes dominated the entire game, causing Martin Brodeur to be pulled in the second period.

The best part about this game was that Chad LaRose had two goals. That's more goals than he had in 49 games with the Canes last year! Seriously, it just makes me so happy to see him score when he constantly puts 100% on the ice.

Truly, this game was played extremely well by the Canes. The only negative thing I can think of in this game was the elbow thrown by Cam Janssen on Chad LaRose in the third. Such a cheap shot artist, that Janssen... remember, he was just suspended three games for that horrible hit on Tomas Kaberle - it appears some people never learn.

Anyways... to cap off the awesome game played by the Canes - two of their goals were scored on the power play! Amazing - I can't remember when that last happened.

Also, Glen Wesley obtained his 400th career assist on LaRose's first goal, and he had his first two-point game since 2003.

The Canes lead into another gameless stretch; they'll be playing their next game on Thursday. Luckily, the Canes are in a better position than their last stretch like this - they're currently in 7th place in the East with 80 points.

Totally awesome.

Erik Cole stats: 1 assist
On the season: 25 goals, 28 assists


Jake said...

I agree with everything you said. Its really great to see LaRose have a game where his effort is rewarded with marks on the scoresheet and not just the love of his teammates and fans who know how important he is. One thing I would like to say though, about Janssen, is that he is doing his job. Janssen is a rough, dirty player. I don't know if he is exactly what you could call an enforcer, but he definatly is an agitator, and on top of that, he gets in to lots of fights. I doubt you would see as many cheapshots from him if we had an intimidating player on our team that would seek justice. Walker does his best to fill that void, and Gleason has shown up a few times as well, but thats not really what they are cut out for.

Ashley said...

Elbowing people when they're vulnerable is his job? What kind of place is this new NHL? He's not an enforcer, he's one who specializes in hitting people when their back is turned.
I absolutely disagree with you, jake. Janssen would be cheap even if the Canes had someone to beat him up.
And, don't be dissin' Scott Walker. Dude kicks derrière on a continual basis.

Jake said...

Yes its his job. I'm not saying its right or pretty or fair, but that is what he does. Janssen goes out on to the ice and intimidates the other team, and does whatever he can to make that team focus on him, and not on winning the hockey game. This is the clear cut description of an agitator, but the fact that he can hold his own in a lot of physical battles gives him that enforcer-like quality. But no, he is not an enforcer. Janssen's play is cheap regardless, you are right, but that is simply what he does. If the other team is busy planning how they are going to repay him and not how they are going to score a goal, then he has done his job.

And I was NOT dissing Scott Walker. He does kick serious ass on many occasions. He does show that the heart of a lion can beat the size of one, but we would be joking if we said he could beat any body out there.