Wednesday, April 25, 2007

326th and Second Round Predictions

This is the 326th post of The Life and Times of a Caniac!!!! A momentus occasion, to be sure.

Sadly, there is no Canes news today. The second round starts tonight and, believe it or not, the Canes somehow missed the playoff exit, and the First-Round bypass, and are reported to be safely on the Offseason Road.

So... My first round predictions were okay, batting a whopping .429. This time, not only am I going to post my predictions, but also ones that come up when I use a random generator (the one that comes up first in the list is what the generator chooses). We'll see who wins! (I'd put my money on the random, if I was you...)

#1 Buffalo v. #6 NY Rangers
I say: *sigh* The Rangers didn't impress me when I saw them... Buffalo in 6
The Random says: New York in 5
#2 New Jersey v. #4 Ottawa
I say: Jersey in 6 ½.
The Random says: Ottawa in 6

#1 Detroit v. #5 San Jose
I say: San Jose in 6
The Random says: San Jose in 4
#2 Anaheim v. #3 Vancouver
I say: Vancouver in 7
The Random says: Vancouver in 5

As for who I'm cheering for? I have no idea. I hate pretty much all of them. But the one with the least hatred is Vancouver. Or Ottawa, but I don't want to cheer for them.

The bummer? I'll never get to see any of their games because they're all at 10:00. I fall asleep at 10:00.

Scratch that - the real bummer is that the Canes aren't in the playoffs to start with. But it is entertaining to listen to Sean Avery. Dude almost makes me want to root for Buffalo, just to see him and his annoying mouth go down.

Almost. I still haven't forgotten the champagne comments. Get the gag order out!

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