Thursday, April 26, 2007

Erik Cole assists and Sid Crosby propaganda

Erik Cole got an assist in the Team USA Exhibition win over Sweden!

In less-awesome news, I watched the Sabres beat up the Rangers last night. It was painful because I want the Avery/Jagr tandem to fail miserably... but I don't want Buffalo to win. Every goal is like another pointy object stabbed into my arm - it won't kill me, but it hurts a lot.

Anaheim also beat Vancouver.

Don't think the NHL's ad campaign is working? Here's a conversation I had this morning in Spanish class:

Eric: Man, I am so tired from watching basketball last night.
Me: Basketball?
Eric: Yeah, the NBA playoffs.
Me: NBA? How about the N-H-L?
Eric: ...
Me: The National Hockey League...?
Eric: Oh, right. I know Sidney Crosby is the best... and that's about it.

*sigh* I suppose it's good that the main hype has reached the masses...

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