Friday, April 21, 2006

Canes series starts tomorrow!

I know I talk about hockey way too much, but I have nothing else to write about. So following is my prediction of the Canes/Canadiens series.
Game 1: Good, action packed game. Carolina scores an empty-net goal to seal the game. Canes win 5-2.
Game 2: Canes kick some behind. Canes blow em out 5-1.
Game 3: Montreal plays a better game, it comes down to the wire. Canes prevail 4-3.
Game 4: Canes are riding the high of possibly sweeping the Habs, get sloppy. Canadiens win 3-1.
Game 5: Canes kick it into gear again (plus they are once again at home). Canes win 4-2.
Canes win series 4-1.
(knock on wood)
Of course there are no actual facts behind this... just what I happened to come up with in five minutes.

I have 13 hits on my blog! Two of them are for sure my own, and the counter started at 6 for some wierd reason, so I have 5 actual hits! YaY! Five people actually read my blog! I know, it doesn't sound that great, but at least there have been hits, right?

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Anonymous said...

guess its good some people pay attention to ur blog.

p.s. i didn't read it its ur imagination. and so is this comment