Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Going even farther down the stretch...

(Also titled: Creating Reasons for Not Studying for Chemistry)

Canes have 9 games left in the regular season.

Not a lot.

The Hurricanes are currently in 8th place in the East with 80 points. The maximum amount they can obtain in the last 9 games would be 18 points, so they would end up with 98 on the season. Which isn't really too bad - should get them a playoff spot.

Since the last post I did like this, the Canes gained 4 out of their possible 6 points for the three games played. If they were to go about the same points gained per points possible ratio (2:3) for the last 9 games, the Canes would end up with 92 points. Which is a lot closer to not making the playoffs than I would like them to be.

In fact, I'll run those numbers for the rest of the East: if each team were to have the same points gained per points possible ratio as they did since March 12th, what would the playoffs end up like?

The results:
1) Buffalo - 114 points
2) Pittsburgh - 106.4 points
3) Atlanta - 100 points
4) Ottawa - 105.5 points
5) New Jersey - 100.67 points
6) New York Rangers - 92.25 points
7) Carolina - 92 points
8) Montreal - 90 points

Carolina would be pretty much where they are right now - 1 spot higher with a matchup against Pittsburgh for the first round.

Of course, the data was slightly skewed because both Tampa and the Islanders have lost all of their games since the 12th, and the probability of them losing for the rest of the year is slim.
Then again, don't tell that to the Oilers...

So... the point of all this (if it isn't clear, which it probably isn't), is that: if all of the teams in the race for the East were to continue on their respective streaks, the standings would look like the above.

Anyways... Good news for Caniacs is that Craig Kowalski was sent back down to the ECHL, meaning Cam Ward will be good to go on Thursday. (Starting the game, of course, is a completely different matter.)

Other good news is that the Canes scored 3 power play goals in their games since the 12th.

That's about it. Canes play on Thursday.

For those of you who aren't aware: Oilers have lost 11 straight. And we think we have problems?

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