Monday, March 12, 2007

Going down the stretch...

Well, we're going down the stretch here in Carolina.
12 games left. Canes are currently tied with the Rangers for 8th place with 76 points - Rangers win tie-breaker, so the Canes are out of the playoffs. With 12 games left.

Not cool.

These 12 games leave the Hurricanes with a possible 24 points, leaving the highest total possible for the Canes to be 100 points.

The good news:
- 100 points will more than likely get them a playoff spot.
- The penalty kill is operating at 97.4% over the past 38 penalties.
- The Canes are following my checklist to win by completing the first one and a half steps: Putting effort in, and winning games. (Only won one game, hence the "half".)

The bad news:
- Cam Ward had 11 stitches on his laceration, and the the N&O reports that he can't really move his knee, and that he was able to see the muscle when he went to the locker room. (ew!) So, who knows when he'll be back?
- Canes power play is operating at a 2.5% clip over the last 39 penalties. Nice.
- There are five teams within 4 points of each other vying for two playoff spots. Something's going to give.

Canes play Florida tomorrow.

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