Friday, March 16, 2007

Canes attempt come back - Key word "attempt"

Well, Canes played okay, but still lost 3-2 against New Jersey last night.

I thought that the Canes played pretty well in the first period, besides letting the Devils score on their first shot of the game. David Tanabe scored later on in the period by crashing the net. Tanabe appears to have been touched by the Amazing-Power-Forward-Spirit recently, having 7 shots on net in his last two games, and he has also been charging the net on a regular basis.

In the second and the beginning of the third, however, the Canes lost some of their luster and went behind by two goals to start off the third. Then, they attempted to come back in the remainder of the third, but couldn't get it done.

Luckily, the Islanders lost last night as well, so the Canes are still tied with them for seventh place.

So, Canes played well, but, in the end, didn't play well for the whole game, so they lost. Sounds like a lot of the games this year.

But, the consolation prize in all this is that Duke lost to Virginia Commonwealth in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Ha!

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