Friday, February 09, 2007

Creative Writing Fun

The high school girl was so happy. She had just delivered the best PowerPoint presentation the world had ever seen, she was finally getting out of school (It was Friday!), and she was going home to do one of her favorite things in the world: blogging.

This happiness, had, of course, the underlying tinge of victory, as her favorite team in the whole world, the Carolina Hurricanes, had beaten the Boston Bruins 5-2 the night before.

Ray Whitney, (the Wizard, as he was known to some) had single-handedly propelled the 'Canes to a second period lead with a natural hat trick. The three goals were scored in 1:40 - breaking a franchise record - the fastest in the NHL this year. Rod Brind'amour, the captain, had a goal and 3 assists.

Yes, the teenaged girl was happy. The world was all sunny and shiny and nothing could go wrong.

Nothing, that is, until she viewed the Carolina Hurricanes website.

Yes, her happy little world got brought back into harsh reality when she saw the headline on the website "Hurricanes Re-Acquire Vasichek: Carolina send Belanger to Nashville".

"What the [expletive]?!" she exclaimed, slamming her hand down on the computer desk. "They got Vasichek!?!?!?!"

Yes, her favorite team in the world had re-acquired the player who had been deemed "a huge vortex of uncoolness on the ice" in her own words several months ago. The same player who, when he was traded in the first place, she stated "Personally, I'm glad because Joe did absolutely nothing for the club this year".

The world already seemed a little less bright.

Then she remembered that her favorite player in the whole entire world, Erik Cole, had left the previous' nights game with a "lower body injury" and hadn't returned. The N&O reported that is was a "hip pointer" and wasn't major, but the prospect of going several games without her favorite player was saddening.

Her world was cast into a dark shadow of darkness.

"Why?" she cried out in anguish. "Why did they get Vasicek back? Why must Cole be out? ... Why is it so dark in here?"

No one had the answers. (Except, perhaps, Jim Rutherford.)

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