Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Vasicek is Gone

Canes announced that Josef Vasicek has been traded to the Nashville Predators for right wing Scott Walker.
Personally, I'm glad because Joe did absolutely nothing for the club this year. Yes, I know he was injured, but before his injury, was he doing anything? No. Did he do anything after his injury? No, except a 4-point game when he returned in April. It's kinda glad that he had to go - but he had to go. Maybe it's just the frustration I felt that whenever he was on the ice he didn't do anything, and he didn't really even show that spark that he had before.
So, on to Walker. His stats look decent, especially playing for a team like Nashville. Was injured last year for a lot of the season - sports hernia and sprained wrist. He had 16 points in 33 games which isn't that bad. His best year was 03-04, breaking all kinds of personal and franchise records.
I wonder what his contract's for? No word on the Canes site or NHL.com - and I have to leave so I can't look up any other sources.
Looks like a pretty even deal. Hopefully it'll turn out for both teams.


Chris said...

He makes 1.52 million and I'm not sure how long his contract is for. Walker is a good player and he'll fit in nicely. I wonder if he'll have a discussion with Hutchinson about #24 though.

Ashley said...

According to TSN his contract is in it's last year - which puts the Canes in the same position as they were with Vasicek, only paying $0.2 mil more.
As for the number... who knows? I wouldn't want Jeff Gordon's number anyway. (haha... oh wait, this is hockey, not NASCAR... whatever)